Using oDesk to hire developers.

Landing Page Development through oDesk

So you want to have a custom landing page developed for use with our WordPress Landing Pages plugin? Or maybe you would like to have an existing landing page design converted to a WordPress Landing Pages ready template?

Hiring staff can be expensive with our development rates exceeding 80USD and hour. We understand that not everyone will be able to afford work at these rates and we want to let you know that through working with oDesk you will be able to get your jobs done at a much lower rate.

In this article we will show you how to quickly signup with odesk and create your work request where skilled & qualified developers will make bids on completing your job.

Signing up with oDesk

1. Getting registered –

To create your hiring account head to oDesk’s signup up page and signup as an employer:

Step 1: Sign-up

Posting your first job

In this tutorial we pretend that we want to convert an existing landing page to a Landing Pages Plugin template.

Video Tutorial:

Within one hour of creating the example job we received over 17 application at varying rates of 5-11 USD per hour.

Job Description Example:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
We need an HTML landing page converted to a WordPress Landing Pages Plugin template.
Application Requirements:
- Theming & coding experience with WordPress.
- Experience with PHP, CSS, jQuery, HMTL.
- Understanding of WordPress Landing Pages plugin and how to create custom landing page templates.
Job Requirements:
- Create landing page template that is compatible with Landing Pages plugin.
- Design template to have these dynamic elements :
WordPress Landing Pages Plugin Documentation:
- WordPress Landing Pages Plugins (
- How to create templates for WordPress Landing Pages plugin. (
- Example Landing Page Plugin Template - (
About WordPress Landing Pages:
- This plugin helps create single page landing pages with advanced tracking and dynamic template elements for easy setup.

Tips on selecting the right candidate:

1) Be wary of cookie cutter job applications!

Developers on oDesk are smart. It’s likely they have developed an automated system for applying to certain jobs. Just because a developer has applied to your job does not mean they have the experience to complete them.

Hand written applications that demonstrate an understanding of your job’s requirements will often indicate a better candidate than a cookie cutter application.

2) Hiring cheaper sometimes is better!

People from all over the world will apply to answer your job requests. Some developers live in areas where the cost of living is less expensive and their quote for work will reflect this.

Some developers are comfortable requesting lower hourly rates because they have never requested higher rates.

Developers who low ball the bid often will still be as qualified and talented as developers who apply at a much hirer rate. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the same quality work done at a lower rate!

3) Communication skills are paramount!

Over everything else, select your candidate based on communication skills and demonstrated understanding of the project. Loosely consider the hourly rate as an indicator of quality.

Followup Video Tutorial:

If a developer has indicated that he has worked with clients using our plugin before then feel good because and get ready to hire because this worker will work faster and the end product will most likely be better.

But on the other hand do not be afraid to hire someone who is new to our plugins if they show confidence in learning.

Ok! You are ready! Go post your first job!

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