Using passed data in Thank You page.

How we store data

After a user completes an inbound form submission and is taken to a thank you page you might want to use data filled out in the form on the thank you page such as the user’s first or last name.

Data submitted into a form by a user is stored in that users browser in the way of cookie name/value pairs. We use this data to prepopulate the form the next time they visit, or recover data on a browser crash.

These cookie values can be retrieved and printed from a shortcode we provide:

A shortcode for accessing lead fields

Replace “key” with the mapable lead field key. Inbound Pro users can find their mapped field keys by looking inside of wp-admin->Inbound Pro->Settings and finding the “Lead Field Management” section.

A shortcode for accessing cookie data

The shortcode we provide is and can retrieve any cookie value by name.

Example use with an inbound now field:

Tricks for discovering cookie names


  • Open up Chromes Developer Tools section
  • Navigate to the ‘Resources’ tab on the top menu nav bar.
  • Navigate to the ‘Cookies’ section on the left side nav bar.
  • In the cookies section find the domain name you are currently on and in the main content panel you will discover all cookie names and values.
  • You will want to submit your form one time before looking for the cookie name/value pairs you are going to want to load with your shortcode.


Please use FireFox’s storage inspector to view available cookie name/value pairs.

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