Tracking conversions on Posts & Pages

Form Tracking

Inbound Forms

Inbound Now tools provide sitewide tracking on all forms. In order for fields to be added to the leads database, please map your fields.

Other Forms

We provide extensions for:


Link Tracking

Calls to Action

The Calls to Action tool will automatically add tracking classes to links within the call to action content.

To disable automatic tracking 

To tell the Call to Action tool not to track specific links you will need to add a special class to the link html that you do not want to track like this:

<a href=’’ class=’do-not-track’>Link text</a>

Landing Pages

To have a page or call to action link track as a conversion add the class attribute definition inbound-track-linkto the <a href=’’ class=’inbound-track-link’>link text</a> HTML link you would like to track.

Post, Pages, other Post Types

Inbound Pro users have a checkbox they can check when creating links to make sure they are being tracked. Alternatively you can add the inbound-track-link classname to the link you would like to track.


Programatic Approach

If you would like to track links that have been added programatically within a template file then the following filter can be used to read links with the inbound-track-link class:

<?php Inbound_Tracking::prepare_tracked_links( $$content ); ?>


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