Mitigating spam sent through Inbound Forms

In this document we’ll go over some of the ways to reduce/prevent spam making its way through Inbound Forms. You can combine these methods for best results.

Add the Honey Pot field

  1. Open the Inbound Form you would like increased protection on.
  2. Click ‘2. Edit/Add Fields’ tab.
  3. Click Add Another Field.
  4. Select ‘Anti Spam Honey Pot’ as the field type and save form.


Activate and enable Akismet filtering

  1. Download and install Akisment plugin.
  2. Activate WordPress Leads.
  3. Open Lead’s Settings and enable Akisment filtering:

enable akismet


Google reCaptcha

Inbound Now provides an extension that adds a Google reCaptcha field as an available field type. Activating this extension and adding a ‘Google reCaptcha’ field to your Inbound Form will require form submitters to solve the Google Captcha before submitting.

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