Keep All URL Parameters on Landing Pages

If you pass URL parameters to your rotating Landing Page link our redirect script will perserve those parameters. But on the Landing Page side we use javascript to hide those paramters from the URL address bar. Sometimes this strangely effects PHP’s ability to read those parameters, sometimes, but not all the time. Why, we aren’t sure yet.

To keep custom parameters visible to visitors add this snippet to your functions.php file of your theme.

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/* Turn off the clean URL structure of landing pages. Add this to your functions.php file. */
add_action('landing_page_header_script', 'landing_page_param_overide');
function landing_page_param_overide(){
global $post;
if (isset($post) && $post->post_type=='landing-page') { ?>
<script type="text/javascript">
var inbound_param_overide = 'off';
<?php }


Also if you are interested in capturing form data on a thank you page see this resources:

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