Installing templates and extensions from within Inbound PRO

Inbound PRO Plugin

Install Inbound PRO

Our Inbound Pro component can be downloaded from your account area on Inbound Now. It installs like a normal plugin through the WordPress plugins management area. It can also be uploaded manually through FTP.


Fatal errors after installing through FTP

Some users report fatal errors after manually uploading the Inbound PRO plugin via SFTP/FTP. If this happens to you make sure your FTP client is not set to Binary mode.

Installing Extensions

One click installation

Our new Inbound Pro component will read the permissions of you API key and allow for one-click installations and uninstallations of all Inbound Now templates and plugins. If you do not have access to extensions and landing page templates then they can still be purchased individually at ou rmarketplace.


Manual installations

In the case that the extension you are looking to install is a free download, or you have an extension asset from a time when we sold extensions individually, then you should be able to install the extension (zip format) like you would any other WordPress plugin.

Installing Templates

One click installation

Both Landing Page, Email, and Call to Action templates are installed from within the Inbound PRO plugin, leaving no need for FTP transfers or manual template/extension upgrades.

To find the template installation area follow this navigation breadcrumb:

wp-admin->Inbound Now->Templates


If you are an using our Inbound Pro plugin but are not a paying subscriber but have purchased templates or extensions then please use the methods below for template management.

Manual Installations

When creating your own templates make sure they manually added into the following directory:


Sometimes we give away free templates in zip format. To install free assets or assets stored in zip format then follow these UI based instructions:

CTA Templates

  • Navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Find the navigation item Calls to Action – > Upload Templates

Landing Page Templates

  • Navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Find the navigation item Calls to Action – > Upload Templates

If you are a theme developer and would like to auto-load landing page or call to action templates from within the active theme, create a directory that follows the following patterns:

Autoloading from WordPress theme (developers)

CTA Templates:


Landing Page Templates:


For information on how to create your own templates see this resource links:

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