How to Translate Inbound Now

Translating Inbound Now through Transifex


Inbound Now uses Transifex to crowd source translations. It’s a really easy system.

1. Open project pageĀ and click ‘Help Translate “Inbound Pro”‘:


2. Create an account with Transifex

After opting to translate for Inbound Now, Transifex will ask you to complete a signup process if you have not already. If you have please use this opportunity to log into your transifex account.


3. Select source and destination language

After logging in Transifex will prompt you to select a source language and a destination language. In this case you will always want the source language to be English and then set the destination language to the language you would like to Translate Inbound Pro into. In the screenshot below we’ve selected ‘Spanish (Mexico)’.



4. How to contribute

a. Review Strings

Inbound Now uses machine translation to translate in bulk. Unfortunately when we do this many of our translated strings are translated wrong and require someone like you to review and correct them.

To review strings:

  1. Click on the ‘Unreviewed’ tab.
  2. Click on a translated string and change the translation to what it should truly be and then click ‘Review’ to tell the system it has been approved.
  3. Continue to review strings to improve the Inbound Now experience.


b. Translate + Review Strings

Sometimes we have not had the opportunity to run a machine translate on a language. When that is the case you are able to translate and review on your own.

To translateĀ strings:

  1. Click on the ‘Untranslated’ tab.
  2. Click on the untranslated string and provide an accurate translation for your language.
  3. Continue to translate+review strings to improve the Inbound Now experience.



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