How to place calls to action on your website

Single Page Placement

Placement Options

When setting up a Call to Action on a single page there are 4 core placement options:

  1. Above the content
  2. In the middle of the content
  3. Below the content
  4. In a dynamic widget container.
  5. Popup
Post Placement Options
Located in the post editing screen


Single Page Placement Video Tutorial

Floating the Content to the Left or to the Right

The layout nature of the call to action by default is inline, which means it is not designed to float to the right or to the left of the content. To float the content to the left or the right custom CSS rules must be applied to the Call to Action from within your theme’s style sheets or from within the Call to Action Edit Screen’s ‘Custom CSS’ section. For most calls to action this bit of CSS code should float the cta to the right: .wp_cta_variation { float:right; }

Multi-Page Placement


Placement by Widget Area

Widget areas are very powerful and easy to setup on any WordPress theme. They allow for targeted CTA placement on a global level. We provide a static call to action widget that allows you to place any call to action into the widget area.

Video Demonstration

Placement by Post Type

We provide a call to action extension that allows post specific placements by post types. Ideally a widget area should be added into your theme that only displays for the custom post type you would like to target, but there are some situations where this extension will come in handy. For example, if you do not have post type specific widget areas or if you would like to place a call to action in the middle of the post content where a widget area is not possible. To place call to actions to specific post types you will have to pick up the Calls To Action Global Placements Extension and setup a global post type placement within the Call to Action edit screen in the Advanced Call To Action Options metabox area: global_placements_-_placement_by_post_type


Placement by Post Category

Recently our call to action global placements extension (featured above) has been upgraded to make category placements. If two global placements qualify at the same time then this extension will rotate between qualified call to actions.


Placement via Shortcode

Each call to action has a corresponding shortcode that looks like this:


Where ‘id’ is the call to action id and ‘vid’ is the variation id.

If no ‘vid’ parameter is present the the variations will rotate on page load.

These shortcodes can be used anywhere on the website that accepts shortcodes.

Behavioral Placement

Placement by Lead List

We provide an extension that allows us to reveal specific variations to a visitor if they are cookied and belong to a specific lead list.

Video Demonstration


For developers trying to troubleshoot this extension please see this resource link.

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