How to mass import WordPress users into Leads database


When you first install the Leads plugin you may wish to import your convert your WordPress userbase into the Leads database. Or in other words, you may want a lead profile for every user profile. We currently recommend setting up an automation rule to import new users into the Leads database, but what about old users? This quick tutorial will explain how to use a CSV User Export plugin and our Leads CSV Import plugin to accomplish this job.

1. Export a CSV List of WordPress Users

The first thing we will need to do is install a WordPress plugin that will allow us to export our WordPress userbase in CSV format. We recommend this plugin. It should get the job done well enough:

Export Users to CSV

Screenshot of ‘Export Users to CSV’ plugin:


2. Use the Leads CSV Import extension asset to import the CSV file.


Our Leads CSV import tool is a premium asset available to subscribers and also available for individual purchase. To import Leads from a CSV file please follow these instructions:

Upload the CSV file

upload the csv file


Map the CSV fields to acceptable Lead fields and start importing.

map the csv fields


After that you should be all done! Remember to keep this connection live new users you’ll need create an automation rule that automatically creates lead profiles for new users!

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