Creating and Using Inbound Forms


Create a new form

We have the ability to create & manage forms within all of our Inbound Now plugins ( Leads, Landing Pages, Calls to Action). To create and manage forms please look in your wp-admin area on the left hand menu bar under any of the above mention plugin menu areas and select ‘Manage Forms’.

Create Forms area can be accessed by wp-admin side menu




Click ‘Add New’ to create a new form:

add new


Input form’s general settings:

  • Form Title: A descriptive title for your form to help you remember what it does.
  • Form Name: A quick name you can remember. This is usually the same as your Form Title. This will not be displayed anywhere on the front end.
  • Redirect URL: This is where a visitor is redirected to after a form submission. Usually a thank you page is placed here.
  • Notify on Form Completion: Place all email addresses here that should receive notifications on new submissions.
  • Admin Email Subject Line: This lets you customize the notification email subject line, if you like.
  • Add to Lists: This lets you add submitting visitors to Lead Lists, which are manageable via our WordPress Leads plugin.


Setup The Form Fields

Click the Step 2 Tab to Add New Fields


Create your form fields & Map them.

More information on Field Mapping


Inserting Inbound Forms

Place form in content via shortcode:


Forms can beĀ inserted from the post editing screen



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