Debugging WooCommerce Integration.

The official WooCommerce extension

Inbound Now’s WooCommerce extension is the quickest solution for integration issues with Inbound Now plugins. All patches, including the one below, are already present as well as extra components provided for better lead collection data from woocommerce checkout processes.


A patch for checkout cart button issues

If you are having issues with checkout cart buttons not working try adding the following code to your theme’s functions.php file.


Numbers showing above checkout form

Some users have reported a broken checkout process with the WooCommerce extension installed where a number is displayed above the checkout form and the form will not process. If this has happened to you please follow these directions for a fix:

1. Delete all inbound now plugins and reinstall from plugins directory.
2. Redownload WooComm extension from and overwrite the old files with the new.

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