Debugging Javascript Errors (No coding skills required)

Debugging Javascript Errors

This tutorial will walk you through fixing your javascript errors caused by your theme or other plugins. (No coding skills required)

The Debug Tools are located in the Marketing Menu

Go to the problem page and click on Check for Javascript Errors

That will then bring you to a page with the errors found

The errors listed in the above example are caused by broken Theme javascript.

You will need to toggle these scripts off or fix the issue with the broken js.

We will turn off the droid-sans.cufonfonts.js and the ddsmoothmenu.js on this landing page to solve the issue.

Sometimes our custom JS error log misses things, In this case follow this video and use chrome developer tools to identify the problem javascript

Toggling off the problem javascript – Click Remove javascript errors

This will show a list of all the javascript that loads on this page.

We now need to scroll down and toggle off the two problem scripts by clicking on off

Turning off broken javascript

Now the problem scripts are off on this landing page and the error you are experiencing should go away.

If problem still exists: Run JS error tester again

Sometimes javascript files rely on one another to function properly and if you toggle off 1 script it could cause the other to stop working.

In this case, simply run the error finder tool and toggle off the other script that fails.

In this tutorial example, I turned off droid-sans.cufonfonts.js and ddsmoothmenu.js and this caused another theme script custom.js to throw an error. I just toggled off the script: custom.js and everything works like it should.

On landing pages and all our admin screens you do not need your themes javascript or javascript from other plugins to be present. (They often cause conflicts)

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