The Unsubscribe Page: Tips and Information


An unsubscribe page is automatically generated on activation of our Email Component.

Inside this generated unsubscribe page we insert our unsubscribe shortcode.

We then automatically set the unsubscribe location to the page we generated.

The destination of the unsubscribe page can be changed inside the Inbound Pro Settings area (see below).


Unsubscribe Shortcode


Place this shortcode inside your unsubscribe page. This is usually handled automatically by Inbound PRO’s activation process.

The Unsubscribe Page

This shortcode will generate an area that looks like the screenshot below. A user will see a page like this when they click their unsubscribe link.

Available checkboxes will show the list that was targeted by the sent email as well as a checkbox for selecting all lists the user is subscribed to.

There after the user will have options to either mute all communications for X amount of time or unsubscribe completely.

Muting lists provides the opportunity to temporarily opt out of email communication. Sometimes readers are too busy, and will be for awhile, but do not want to lose touch completely. Muting is a great temporary option.

Notification Management

Use of the unsubscribe shortcode is not limited to an Unsubscribe page. If you have a user account management page, you could add this shortcode there to give users management options over their email communications powered by Inbound PRO.

Here’s how we do it on our parent site

Unsubscribe Settings

Page Designation

We automatically create an Unsubscribe page and associate it with Inbound Pro when activating the Mailer Component. We can still change this setting manually though.

Show Lists Setting

Typically users will access the unsubscribe page from an unsubscribe link found in their email. If this setting is disabled then they will only be asked if they want to unsubscribe from the list related to that particular email send. We’ll also ask if users want to unsubscribe from all lists, even ones not related to the email send they recently received.

If this setting is enabled, users will see ALL lists they are subscribed to instead of just the one related to their recent received email.

Alternatively if a user accesses a page that has the unsubscribe page shortcode, and they are logged in, they will see lists related to their logged-in email address and be offered to mute or unsubscribe from those lists.

Unsubscribe Page Styling

You may notice that our unsubscribe page looks different from yours. The unsubscribe page provides the most basic styling. In order to improve the unsubscribe page you may have to add custom CSS styling rule like we did to help it match your site. Feel free to ask support for help!

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