How to setup Constant Contact Integration


Please note that these instructions are not for Inbound Pro users. Inbound Pro users will have their documentation inside of the Extension Settings are (see wp-admin->Inbound Pro->Settings->Extension Settings.

Step 1. Get your files ready!

Download the extension files from your Inbound Now Account area.

Step 2. Install files into WordPress

Install the extension into your WordPress like any other WordPress plugin.

Step 3. Access your WordPress Administration Dashboard

Navigate to the ‘Global Settings’ of the Inbound Now plugin you are wanting to extend and find the ‘Extensions’ tab.

Step 4. Populate your credentials.

Our Constant Contact extension requires two setting inputs to be filled out and saved.:

  1. Constant Contact API Key
  2. Constant Contact Access Key

The API Key must be generated first, then a access key by generating one using your API Key. Add them to your settings and save.

Please notice that ‘Global Settings’ has become ‘Settings’.



Workflow Setup


Step 1. Connect Form


After saving your api keys access wp-admin->The Inbound Now Plugin You Are Extending->Create Forms and open/edit the Inbound Form you would like to integrate Constant Contact with.

Click the checkbox to enable Constant Contact integration for this form and then select which list your would like form submissions to be sent towards.




Step 2. Map Your Fields!

When creating our Inbound Form Fields we need to make sure they are mapped to the correct field type so our extension knows what they are and can tell that the first name field represents the leads’ first name, and last name is set correctly to the last name field map.



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