Cleaning up the DB

At this current moment Inbound Now does not provide a programmatic way to remove data added to the WordPress database. This guide can help you programatically clean up.

We personally do not feel steps 2 or 3 are necessary, though step 1 might speed things up a small bit.


1. Deleting Landing Pages, Calls to Action, Forms, and Leads:

For now you can use this plugin to clean up all database data that leverages WordPress data storage protocols:

Bulk Delete

2. Delete custom tables

Our plugins create these additional database MySQL tables to assist with Inbound Now data storage and retrieval systems:

  • wp_inbound_events
  • wp_inbound_email_queue
  • wp_inbound_tracked_links
  • wp_inbound_page_views


3. Cleaning the wp_options table

This one will be a little difficult, but will be necessary if you ever want to re-install Inbound Now on the same WordPress installation, or else our tools might not work right again.

Run a search inside PHPmyadmin where option_name is like %inbound% and then discover and delete the applicable rows that are returned.


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