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  • Creating custom Landing Page templates.

    Table of Contents Summary Editing Landing Page Templates Where are the core landing page templates hosted? Where do custom & premium Landing Page templates go? Template file structure: Thumbnail.png Config.php Index.php The Assets Folder Summary This document is for helping … Read more →

  • How to create a landing page template that integrates with your current WordPress theme

    Custom Theme Integrated Single-Landing-Page.php

  • Software Licensing & Automatic Updates API for InboundNow Extensions

    Most of the extensions we develop will extend not only parts of one plugin, such as Landing Pages, but also our other plugins such as Leads and Calls to Action. For this reason we have completely integrated the licensing systems … Read more →

  • How to Add Extension Settings to Inbound Now plugins

    InboundNow plugins currently include: WordPress Landing Pages WordPress Leads WordPress Calls to Action When adding extension settings to a plugin’s settings section you will want to target the ‘Extensions’ tab and add data to it’s settings through one of our … Read more →

  • Insert Custom CSS into All Landing Page Custom Post Types

  • Using Dynamic Form Fields with Inbound Now Forms

    Table of Contents 1. Go into forms and click on advanced settings on the field you want to be dynamic 2. Enter the dynamic field parameter Example: Use case: You can dynamically fill form fields with inbound forms. This is … Read more →

  • Trigger Custom Javascript Event on Form Completion

    The below script will enable you to fire custom javascript code after the inbound now form has finished processing. This is useful for setting custom cookies, sending custom Google Analytic Events, or anything else you can imagine.

  • Keep All URL Parameters on Landing Pages

    To keep custom parameters visible to visitors add this snippet to your functions.php file of your theme.

  • Add Additional Lead Profile Fields to Lead Records and Map Form Fields

    This snippet illustrates how you can add in additional lead profile fields to the lead records page. Placing this code in your theme’s functions.php file will add the fictitious lead fields to your mappable lead fields. After you have added … Read more →

  • Debugging Javascript Errors (No coding skills required)

    Table of Contents Debugging Javascript Errors The Debug Tools are located in the Marketing Menu Go to the problem page and click on Check for Javascript Errors That will then bring you to a page with the errors found Toggling … Read more →

  • Debugging Form Submission Data

    Run the script in the console tab of the browser dev tools. This will disable the final form submission and output the ajax POST data for debugging.

  • Coding Standards

    Table of Contents PHP Coding Standards HTML & CSS Coding Standards Javascript Coding Standards Below are the following coding standards that must be followed for contributing code to the open source project to ensure code is easy to read and … Read more →

  • Integrating Landing Pages with a Genesis child theme

    Table of Contents Synopsis Creating the single-landing-page.php Synopsis Today we had to work with a client using the Genesis Theme and Landing Pages. We needed to create a landing page template to help control the layout of their landing pages. … Read more →

  • Changing email notification headers

    In order to manually change email headers we will need to hook into the email send process using our custom WordPress hook called ‘inbound_lead_notification_email_headers‘. To create a filter on this hook please add the following code to a custom plugin … Read more →

  • Contributing to Inbound Now Codebase

    Table of Contents Part I – Getting Started Step 1. Installing a local server. Step 2. Installing SourceTree for git management Step 3. Downloading the Repository A. For contributors B. For Employees Part II – Standards and Guidelines 1. Creating Issues 2. Referencing … Read more →

  • Landing Page Rotation and Caching

    Landing pages offers in-plugin anti-caching support for the following caching plugins: W3 Total Cache Quick Cache If you are using an unsupported caching plugin/service please discover how to add an exception to either: the PHP file located in /wp-content/plugins/landing-pages/modules/module.redirect-ab-testing.php or add … Read more →