Zapier Setup Guide


This shows how to hook up Zapier to Inbound Now plugins.

Also please see Zapier’s Inbound Now Zap Book for potential integration ideas.

Setup Guide

Create a Zap


Set the Trigger App to Inbound Now


Retrieve a webhook


Connect Zapier to an Inbound Form (Setup Webhook)



What data is passed over to Zapier?

Basically any data you map through field mapping is sent over to Zapier for use when the Inbound Form is submitted along with extra data. When setting up the zap you will be able to see what data was retrieved after running your first test submission:


Connect Zapier to integrated 3rd party form

Inbound Now provides subscribers with access to Gravity Forms Integration, Contact Form 7 Integration, and Ninja Forms integration. These form processing plugins may or may not have their own Zapier integration add-ons which you can use, but if they do not and you are a paid subscriber with access to our Automation component then you will be able to use the automation component to send data to Zapier.

Access to Automation component is not included with the Zapier Extension and is only available to subscribers. If you intend to purchase Zapier Extension as a stand alone item then the methods below will not work.

Set the Automation Trigger


Set the Automation Action


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